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We connect smart solutions for the purposes of growth of the Czech economy. We constitute a platform that opens opportunities for innovative technologies and new approaches. We offer a united voice to professional associations in the field of modern energy.

The founding members are associations such as the Alliance for Energy Self-Sufficiency, the Association for Energy Storage and Batteries – AKU-BAT CZ, Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration – COGEN CZ, the Czech Smart Grid Technology Platform and the Solar Association – the largest association connecting photovoltaic power plant operators. We also have members from academic circles, namely the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague.

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AKU-BAT CZ, z.s. is an association comprising the most important entities active in the field of energy storage. More information available at www.akubat-asociace.cz.

The Alliance for Energy Self-Sufficiency

The Alliance for Energy Self-Sufficiency is an association that serves as a communication platform for representatives of the renewable energy sector. More information available at www.alies.cz.

The Association of Energy Service Providers of the Czech Republic

The Association of Energy Service Providers of the Czech Republic was founded in 2010 aiming to actively contribute to the long-term development of energy services in the Czech Republic. More information available at www.apes.cz.

The Czech Photovoltaic Association

The Czech Photovoltaic Association is a leading association in the field of photovoltaic professionals’ training within a European educational program Photovoltaic Expert. More information available at www.cefas.cz.


COGEN Czech is an association of legal and natural persons whose business activities are related to production, operation, design, and sale of cogeneration technologies, as well as to consulting in the field of combined heat and power generation (CHP). More information available at www.cogen.cz.

The Association of Entrepreneurs for the Utilization of Energy Resources

The Association of Entrepreneurs for the Utilization of Energy Resources gathers owners and operators of small-scale hydropower plants, it is the longest continuously operating association in the field of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic (since 1990). More information available at www.spvez.cz.

The Czech Technology Platform Smart Grid

The Czech Technology Platform Smart Grid was established as an interest grouping of legal persons in September 2009 at the initiative of domestic companies operating in the energy sector to support innovation of energy systems in the Czech Republic by introducing the Smart Grid concept and actively contributing to its optimal development for the Czech Republic. More information available at http://www.smartgridcz.eu.

The Solar Association

The Solar Association (Czech Republic) brings together almost 500 members including installation companies, solar investors, power plant owners, industrial park operators, etc., who altogether operate over 1,200 megawatts of installed capacity of solar energy in the Czech Republic. More information available at www.solarniasociace.cz.

University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings

University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) is a research institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague pursuing sustainable development in construction. The Centre’s goal is to leverage the synergy effects of research activities of the individual departments which are related to energy-efficient buildings. The Centre’s highest priorities aim to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings. More information available at www.uceeb.cz.

The Union of Employers' Associations of the Czech Republic

The Union of Employers’ Associations of the Czech Republic is one of the largest employers’ associations in the Czech Republic. It brings together and represents 55 employers’ associations with almost 12,000 organizations comprising more than 710,000 employees. More information available at www.uzs.cz.

Institute for Investment and Innovation

The Institute for Investment and Innovation aims to support the development of co-operation and joint partnerships between the private and public sectors and to achieve goals such as disseminating of knowledge on public-private partnerships, creating a platform for developing co-operation between the private and public sectors, enhancing the access of private businesses to economic resources in the Czech Republic, enhancing foreign direct investment in the Czech Republic and supporting the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. More information available at www.i-fii.eu.


The company REsolar s.r.o. assists in complying with legal obligations for 23 manufacturers and importers of solar panels and more than 2,5 thousand operators of solar power plants. More information available at www.resolar.cz.

The National Center for Energy Savings of the Czech Republic

The National Center for Energy Savings of the Czech Republic is a non-profit organization founded by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, the Union of Cities and Municipalities of the Czech Republic, and ČEZ, a. s. The organization is financed by its members, revenues from its activities, and in the future also from EU grant funding. The mission of the National Center is to provide comprehensive advisory services on energy savings and thus contribute to meeting the objectives of the Czech Republic in this area while maximizing the positive impacts on the Czech economy, regions, municipalities, companies, and households. More information available at www.nceu.cz.

E-K-O vize, z.s.

Among other activities, the company E-K-O vize, z.s. operates an information portal known as eLupa.cz, which focuses on social responsibility and objective informing of consumers about the energy industry. Furthermore, it established the Association of Energy Advisors – www.sdruzeniep.cz, whose main ambition is the professionalization of the market at the level of brokering services and, last but not least, it runs an awareness-raising project – www.chytrahorakyne.cz, which focuses on raising awareness of energy consumption in households.

Cooperation opportunities

The Modern Energy Union warmly welcomes the membership of new associations interested in joining.The aim of the partnership and connection of various directions of the modern energy sector is to form a strong voice for innovative solutions and to build opportunities for their development within the Czech economy.

Member associations may participate in the Modern Energy Union strategy development process, as well as gain access to the latest law changes and fresh news from the European legislature. The members also have opportunity to object to legislative affairs. The Modern Energy Union also assists to cover members’ business activities in media and helps with marketing strategies.

More about the Membership Show
  • Full membership will ensure complete participation in activities of the Modern Energy Union,
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in commenting on new legislation, action plans and other strategic documents for the development of modern energy in the Czech Republic, including the possibility of applying their own visions and ideas,
  • Membership guarantees discounts on seminars and conference fees organized by the Modern Energy Union,
  • Participation in the Modern Energy Union working groups,
  • Possibility to use networking across the membership base and to participate in debates on internal strategies of the Modern Energy Union,
  • Media and marketing consulting from an experienced Modern Energy Union team,
  • Possibility of presentation at Obnovitelne.cz, one of the most popular news platforms in the field of energetics in the Czech Republic.

The Modern Energy Union welcomes businesses which have an interest in the topic of developing new aspects of energetics to become its partners. We offer our partners exclusive access to news from the field of modern energy in the Czech Republic and abroad, representations at upcoming events and in upcoming information materials. Partners of the Modern Energy Union can participate in the work of the Union and submit proposals or objections in the field of legislation, the Union also provides its partners with professional media consultancy.

For more information contact Tomáš Buzrla, Executive Director, at tomas.buzrla@modernienergetika.cz or Martin Sedlák, Program Director, at martin.sedlak@modernienergetika.cz

Our Vision

The basic goal of the Modern Energy Union is to ensure good conditions for technological growth that will boost the Czech economy. Our ambitions will be framed by the effort to develop a domestic economy powered by low-carbon energy sources, which includes not only power plants or heating plants, but also energy services or the use of smart grids and digital solutions. Ensuring reliable and affordable energy supplies for the whole spectrum of customers is the key vision. At the same, maintaining the air-quality requirements, the need for energy independence, supply stability and long-term low-price balance are of the same critical importance.

Within the Modern Energy Union, we all share the belief that modern energy can be understood as a broader framework including modern technologies, measures, and procedures that lead to an energy system that is efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly. Our approach to technologies preserves the principle of technological neutrality while considering new development and innovations.

We want to use the intersections of renewable energy sources, energy accumulation, smart grid, co-production of electricity and heat, new solutions in the field of digitalization and other energy-efficient solutions in order to design measures that will enable a stable development of new energetics as an integral part of the Czech economy.

Modern Goals

The Modern Energy Union aims to bring European impulses into the Czech debate that will conduce to ensuring a leading position in the development and production of advanced technologies. Our goal is to provide the Czech energy industry and development laboratories with the conditions that will turn the Czech Republic into a beast in the field of innovative solutions for the 21st century.

Our commitment is to ensure that Czech households and businesses can apply new solutions in the area of digitalization, modern energy or transport. We will advocate such legislative changes and rules, which will push the Czech economy to the front of technological development, and especially the practical use of innovative features of the economy.

The State Energy Concept should allow for various scenarios in the technology and economic development that would respond to newly emerging solutions with flexibility. We will initiate a debate on updating our energy politics. We will propose specific objectives for areas of the modern energy industry. The basic framework for further development will be a so-called “technology scenario” containing a progressive option for the development of new elements in the energy sector.

We will use the progressive parts of the expected content of the European Union Winter Energy Package to discuss the future form of the Czech energy sector. We will focus on points such as electricity self-production, energy storage, electromobility or new elements within the energy market (digitalization, aggregators, blockchain).

Modern energetics is a long-term trend representing opportunities not only for businesses, but also for research and development organizations. We will attempt to increase the number of pilot projects based on integrating low-carbon technologies.

The research of new solutions in energetics at universities and research centers can offer much-needed methods to increase higher use of renewable sources and affordable energy storage. At the same time, the research can also integrate elements of modern energetics and as a result bring a user-friendly unification. However, this cannot be accomplished without complexly educated workers. We will therefore support project proposals that will improve the quality of education at primary and secondary levels by focusing on the development of independent thinking, creativity, information collection and analysis, and in particular preparation for lifelong learning.

Our Team of Professionals

Martin Sedlák

Martin Sedlák

The program director

Martin Sedlák has been working on modern energy issues for more than 10 years. Currently, he is a program director of the Modern Energy Union. Since 2012, he has been also the executive director of the Alliance for Energy Self-Sufficiency, an independent organization dealing with modern energy issues. In 2017 he co-founded the information platform Obnovitelne.cz, which informs about technological progress in the field of modern energy. Martin Sedlák holds a degree in Power Engineering from the from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of Technology.

Tomáš Buzrla

Tomáš Buzrla

The executive director

In the past he acted as a consultant in the construction of photovoltaic power plants in tens of megawatts of installed capacity in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe. He also founded and headed the Energy 21, a Czech investment company specializing in construction and operation of solar power plants. He is the former owner of a company that traded carbon dioxide emission allowances; after selling it, he invested in his own solar power plant. Tomáš holds advanced degrees in finance and banking as well as in business and marketing from the School of Business Administration of the Silesian University.

Marek Lang

Marek Lang

Member of the board of directors

Marek Lang is the director of the energy division of the JRD, a leading developer of low-energy residential buildings that has also been investing in renewable energy projects for nearly 10 years. He is also the CEO of Millennium Technologies, which develops plasma gasification technologies; he also holds the office of the CEO of REsolar, which provides solar-panel-recycling services; and the vice-chairman of the Alliance for Energy Self-Sufficiency, an independent organization working on modern energy issues. Marek Lang holds a degree in cybernetics and control engineering from the University of West Bohemia.

Josef Jeleček

Josef Jeleček

Member of the board of directors

Josef Jeleček is the general director and chairman of the board of directors of TEDOM a.s. TEDOM produces cogeneration units using internal combustion engines. The TEDOM group also includes the German company SCHNELL GmbH and is thus one of the largest suppliers of cogeneration technology under 5MW in the world. Josef Jeleček is also a chairman of the COGEN Czech, an association of companies operating a majority of the cogeneration units with capacities under 5 MW in the Czech Republic. After completing his studies at the Brno University of Technology’s Department of Nuclear and Energy Systems, he began his career in developing internal combustion turbines at PBS Brno; afterwards he worked at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, and later he founded TEDOM, the company he still works for today.

Jan Fousek

Jan Fousek

Member of the board of directors

Jan Fousek is the executive director of the Association for Energy Storage and Batteries AKU-BAT, which supports the development of large-scale storage solutions. He is also the chairman of the Czech Solar Association’s supervisory board, where he is responsible for European affairs; he regularly speaks at conferences in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and engages in public and media outreach. He has been working in the energetics since 2007. Between 2011 and 2016 he was co-owner and executive director of one of the largest European emissions and energy brokers, Virtuse Energy. In the past he also helped to start up the Chinese emissions market based on his experiences from Europe.