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The Modern Energy Union (MEU) organizes regular meetings for professionals, as well as for the general public. For example, it holds round tables, which focus on presenting innovations in the field of modern energy, smart buildings, and opportunities for decarbonization. The Modern Energy Union organizes press conferences and regularly issues press releases that comment on current developments and trends in the Czech Republic. Among other things, it prepares and publishes info lists, expert studies, and analyses.

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We have been involved in several research and innovation projects in the field of energy:

  • Research on ‘’Energy Active Consumers – An opportunity to use local energy sources’’ is a project that is being currently realized from 2019. It is a grant project supported by the Technology agency of the Czech Republic whose aim is to map the possibilities, potential and ideal legislative solution for prosumers in the energy market. MEU is currently implementing the first part of the project, that concerns socio-demographic research on the public’s awareness of renewables. Search for business models suitable for the public is another part of the research. The consortium is composed of diverse energy entities including ČEZ, TEDOM, the city of Hradec Králové, the Brno-Nový Lískovec district, Solar Association and AKU BAT CZ – association for accumulation.
  • Circular Economy Scan to the City of Prague is a research project supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic where MEU is part of a larger consortium including the Institute of Circular Economy. The aim of the project is to create a circular scan for the city of Prague and to reveal possible improvements in material flows. Prepared outputs are mainly studied on the following topics: 1) recycling solar panels, 2) recycling wind turbines, 3) recycling of batteries 4) Active energy consumers in cities – “prosumers”.
  • Research on ‘’New Energy of Czechia’’ is a research project supported from 2019 by the European Climate Foundation. This project deals with the promotion of modern low carbon energy as a means towards increased awareness of the benefits of renewables. The utmost goal is to shift the public perception on renewables and to facilitate a bottom-up support for a low carbon economy.
  • Research on ‘’Clean mobility’’ is a current project which is also supported by the European Climate Foundation. The aim is to acquaint the public with the diverse possibilities of clean mobility and to encourage the government to introduce more support for vehicles with a lower impact on carbon production.
  • EKOInnovation Forum is a conference on innovative solutions in the field of modern energy, droughts, and adaptation to climate change in cities and towns. The first Forum took place in 2017 in the South Moravian Region. Currently, a second round is being organized with the support of Deputy Prime Minister for the Economy – Karel Havlíček.
  • A report on the real potential of renewable energy. In 2020, a close cooperation was established with the consulting company Deloitte. The report was followed by webinars, which further commented on the results for the lay and professional public.

Aside from research and project oriented activities, MEU has also prepared several proposals for the Czech government that dealt with diverse energy related policies. MEU has jointly with NCES proposed investments in building retrofit as well as specific steps to support the recovery of renewable energy development (e.g. capacity auctions for new solar park projects, VAT reduction for clean household technologies), system modifications for easier implementation of EPC projects and transition of heating to cogeneration). These proposals will now be discussed with the government for potential implementation.