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The ČEZ Group

The main partner in the field of modern energy industry

The ČEZ Group

„The magic of the new energy industry lies in the fact that it offers a solution for practically everyone. We, at ČEZ ESCO, do the best to choose the most suitable solution for every customer, since a small family business or medium-sized city have different needs. Our customers include both the public and the private sector, large industrial companies and small businesses, municipalities and cities, regions and organizations, as well as hospitals or schools. We have tailor-made solutions basically for everyone who wants to use energy in an efficient, reliable and modern way. Our motto is – Individual Approach, Innovation, Reliability and Economy.”

Kamil Čermák

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

The ČEZ Group is the largest energy supplier in the Czech Republic and one of the ten largest energy producers in Europe. CEZ is a producer, distributor of electricity and heat, and also a gas trader. It also offers customers innovative products and services from the new energy sector that are tailored to their needs. These include the installation of roof photovoltaic power plants with battery systems, heat pumps or modern boilers. A wide range of energy services, including complex energy saving projects for companies, municipalities or public administration is operated by CEZ ESCO. CEZ ESCO focuses on a wide range of energy services, including complex energy saving projects in the form of EPC. The ČEZ Group’s mission is to provide safe, reliable and positive energy to shareholders, customers and the entire company. The vision is to bring innovation to fulfill the energy needs and contribute to a higher quality of life. The ČEZ Group wants to operate its energy assets in the most efficient way and to adapt to the growing share of decentralized and emission-free production. The company’s shares are traded on the Prague and Warsaw Stock Exchanges. The ČEZ Group has more than eight million customers and over 30,000 employees. More information about the ČEZ Group is available at www.cez.cz.


The main partner in the field of modern energy industry


„The traditional energy industry is undergoing a major transformation. The advent of innovative solutions is fundamentally changing the entire sector. Decarbonization of energy is influencing more and more companies and institutions, and the modern energy solutions will have a major impact on   maintaining the competitiveness of the Czech industry. For the ČSOB bank, support for renewable resources or energy saving projects is nothing new. The bank has been financing constructions and operations of solar power plants and EPC energy saving projects for many years. The energetics sector is one of the key areas of our activities. We see opportunities in further technological development of electricity production from renewable sources, energy storage, combined heat and power generation, electromobility, or emerging digital energy solutions.”

Alois Míka

Senior Energy Expert

The ČSOB Group is a leading player in the financial services market in the Czech Republic. The bank is a part of the international bank-insurance group KBC, the business activities of which are mainly located in Belgium and in the Central and Eastern Europe. The ČSOB Group consists of a bank (operating under the trademarks – ČSOB and Poštovní spořitelna) and companies with which the bank is connected. The ČSOB financial group includes strategic companies in the Czech Republic controlled directly or indirectly by ČSOB or KBC, which offer financial services, namely Hypoteční banka (Mortgage bank), ČSOB Pojišťovna (ČSOB Insurance Company), Českomoravská stavební spořitelna (Building society), ČSOB Penzijní společnost (pension company), ČSOB Leasing, ČSOB Asset Management, ČSOB Factoring and Patria (licensed securities trader).

Energon Holding

The main partner in the field of modern energy industry

Energon Holding

„Technological innovations are now starting a global energy revolution that is much more powerful and faster than what the most optimistic theories have estimated. Everything is driven forward by the so-called 4D strategy based on decarbonization, deregulation, decentralization and digitalization.

In this context, energy storage and digital life cycle management – from production and transmission to storage and consumption – will play an essential role. There will be a rapid development of modern energy worldwide. This is an opportunity for the Czech Republic, too.

Our country, even in the era of the first Czechoslovak Republic, was strong in the supply of technological units, including energy. If we grasp the current potential accurately, we have a chance to carry on the tradition and become one of the leading countries in the modern energy innovations development. At the Energon Holding, we want to support this development in collaboration with other companies that share this vision.”

Fady Al-Kheir

Strategic Development

The Energon Holding consists mainly of technology companies. Seven of them deal with different areas of the energy industry sector, from traditional to innovative areas. Thanks to their mutual cooperation, the holding covers an unprecedentedly comprehensive portfolio of energy services tailored to the needs of its customers.

The founding company Energon Dobříš has been engaged in the construction and maintenance of energy networks, geodetic works and construction of LV and HV power systems, from transformer stations and power poles to cable laying.

Energon Construction Company focuses on designing, construction and remediation work in the LV, HV and VHV power engineering. It also handles the energy systems of building, civil engineering and water management structures.

Since 2017, Energon Energo has expanded the holding’s activities to include the HV and HV sectors. In addition to power substations, it also builds, reconstructs and maintains other electrical equipment regardless of voltage.

Modern energy is represented by S-Power Energies, which is the only company targeting on retail customers. It installs rooftop solar power plants combined with battery surplus storage systems. Since 2017, it is the number one on the Czech market.

Another company belonging to Energon Holding is the Energon Advanced Energetics – a company that builds turnkey complex EPC units including photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric power plants and large-capacity battery systems. It recently introduced a unique “all-in-one battery container” with a capacity of 1.3 MWh. The Energon Advanced Energetics cooperates closely with Buildsys, one of the largest players on the Czech market in the field of automation of commercial buildings and industrial sites. They are currently working on a complete technology management at the Jaguar-Land Rover in Slovakia. For this battery container Buildsys has developed a key element – a control system that controls all the functionality.

The Energon Holding portfolio is enclosed by Solid Power Distribution, a distributor of components for solar power plants – from photovoltaic panels through converters to batteries and other equipment. Besides distribution activities the Solid Power Distribution also provides professional trainings for solar power plant installation companies and develops its own technologies.

The Czech Export Bank

Partner in a field of Czech Export Support

The Czech Export Bank

„There is a demand for so-called green technologies from the Czech Republic in the world. The Czech Export Bank is already financing many successful projects of domestic companies in various parts of the world. And along with the growing demand, we feel that Czech exporters need to be encouraged even more.“

Jaroslav Výborný

Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO

The Czech Export Bank is a specialized, directly, and indirectly state-owned banking institution. Established in 1995, it forms one of the pillars of the government’s pro-export policy system. The Export Bank’s mission is to support Czech exports and the renown of the Czech Republic as a well-established international exporter and thus promote the overall competitiveness of Czech products throughout the world.

Doucha Šikola Law Firm

General Partner in the field of Legal Services

Doucha Šikola Law Firm

„The modern energy is not just about changing the technology of energy production from fossil to renewable sources and decentralization, it is also a fundamental change in the rules of operation, laws, decrees, and codices. There are just a few fields where the law would lag behind technological developments as much as in the energy sector. We are honored to contribute, throughout cooperation with the Modern Energy Union, to make its rules clear, fair, and enforceable.“

Pavel Doucha

Partner, lawyer

Doucha Šikola Law Firm is the only Czech law firm focusing exclusively on clients involved in the energy industry and especially in the field of renewable energy. These include operators of electricity and heat production, energy traders, distribution companies, but also, for instance, banking houses financing energy projects. Pavel Doucha and Luděk Šikola, the law firm partners, have been providing legal advice to clients in this field since 2009. They believe successful legal advice in such a complex field as the energy industry, cannot be executed without the knowledge of the technical and economic aspects of business in this sector. In this respect, it benefits from cooperation with a partner consulting company DS Energy Consulting s.r.o. This way, Doucha Šikola Law Firm can provide clients with a comprehensive package of all types of consulting in the field of energy.


Partner in the Field of Cogeneration Units


„We view the modern energy as the use of renewable resources, which are free of charge and decentral, in combination with batteries and CHP units serving as a flexible resource.“

Josef Jeleček

CEO, Chairman of Board of Directors of TEDOM

TEDOM a.s is a Czech engineering company which was established by Ing. Josef Jeleček in Třebíč in 1991.TEDOM is an abbreviation of the Czech words TEplo DOMova “The warmth of home”. The company originally started with one CHP unit model with an output of 22kW. Other types with higher outputs were added immediately, and in addition to natural gas units, they also started developing biogas units. Today, the company’s portfolio includes dozens of cogeneration units operating on natural gas and biogas with an electrical output from 7 kW to 10 MW. Aside from stand-alone CHP units, TEDOM also supplies complex turn-key projects that include design documents, technologies delivery, and installation of the entire energy source.

In 2010, TEDOM together with ČEZ Group founded a joint venture of ČEZ Energo where the joint company operates more than one hundred CHP units connected to a virtual power station with a total electrical output of almost 100 MW. Furthermore, TEDOM runs energy sources in the municipal waste landfills. These energy sources produce tens of thousands of megawatt-hours of green power annually. There is also an extensive service network that includes remote online monitoring of the CHP unit’s operation.

In the fall of 2016, TEDOM acquired the German company, SCHNELL, the leading supplier of CHP units for biogas plants. As a result, the number of employees in the TEDOM Group increased to 900 and the number of common references exceeded 8000 CHP units.

Linde Material Handling

Technology partner

Linde Material Handling

„At Linde Material Handling, we are fully aware of the huge potential for savings of our customers provided that they know how to use fuel and energy properly. We also believe our activities can contribute to environmental protection in all regions of the Czech Republic, especially in vulnerable areas of industrial agglomerations. In 2019, we became a partner of the Modern Energy Union not only to actively support the advent of new technologies but also to offer our experience in the field of CNG and hydrogen handling equipment, which Linde Material Handling has been operating for a long time.“

David Čepek


Linde Material Handling is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intralogistics solutions and handling equipment. The company has long been one of the trailblazers of alternative fuels in the Czech Republic, and since 2006 it has been supplying intralogistics solutions based on CNG forklift truck propulsion. The technology is supplied including filling stations and typically brings its users more than 50% savings on fuel costs in comparison with conventional fuels. Since 2008, Linde Material Handling has been intensively involved in the propulsion of hydrogen-powered handling equipment (fuel cells). The company has acquired experience in this field from long-term projects, such as providing propulsion for handling equipment at the BMW production site in Leipzig or the application of fuel cell trucks in an Austrian company, DB Schenker. A unique project, Linde Energy Management, helps warehouse operators minimize energy and fuel costs for handling equipment and improve the environment within and around companies’ sites. Linde Energy Management recommends the most advantageous type of fuel regarding a specific type of operation, and at the same time regardless of current technological limits. It is because Linde trucks are supplied in variants for all basic and alternative types of fuel, such as diesel, CNG, LPG, Li -Ion batteries, Pb batteries, and fuel cells (H2). The Czech branch of Linde Material Handling is always able to recommend its customers a suitable type of fuel for handling technology that is the most advantageous in the long run.